Higher income earners can also get the benefits of a depreciation schedule and first home buyers have potential to receive government grants.

While there are no guarantees every housing market in Australia has doubled every 25 years at an absolute minimum. Meaning if this trend continues, a house bought today for $400,000 would not only be paid off and owned freehold in 25 years, but be worth upwards of $800,000.

The only missing piece to the puzzle is how to get from now until then (25 years into the future) without it costing you any money. This is where the terminology of a cash flow positive property comes from. (For those of you that are unfamiliar with this term in means that after all expenses associated with the property you are earning a return. Or the total sum of all your property expenses is less than the weekly rent paid for the property).

Using calculators that factor in all the fixed costs and leave a moving margin for unexpected costs (maintenance, law changes etc) you need to buy a property that makes sense for your own unique situation. How much you earn, how you earn it, how many children/dependents you have and how much other debt you owe are just some of the factors that go into process.

This includes but us not limited to mortgage repayments, insurance, rates, water, property management fees and building maintenance.

Below are a few standard examples of real properties that are owned by our staff and consultants.

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